Friday, November 7, 2008

An (Early) Christmas Letter

Dear Santa,

I know I've spent the last few years asking you for a doggy and/or pony for Christmas, and I would get pissy when you didn't deliver (really sorry about tipping off the IRS and UN on you re: elf-slaves and back taxes. Really sorry), but I really had my heart set on a new pet.

I'm more mature this year, and I've been a very good girl. So this year, I'm asking you for a baby pygmy hippo.


You can't deny me the adorbs.

Thanks and hope Mrs Claus and the slaves elves are doing well. Give the reindeer hugs and sugar cookies for me!



mighty jo said...

if santa comes through for you, will you gently remind him that im STILL waiting for my potbelly pig...i have a king-sized bed now...c'mon already...mj

amanda said...

I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that a pot-bellied pig is the perfect pet for us. Small, incredibly intelligent and eats our table scraps? Perfect.

I would name him "Bacon".