Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keep on Dancin' to the Rock & Roll

Dear No One in Particular,

I finally finished my epic research paper, meaning I am that much closer to never needing to write an academic paper ever. again.

To celebrate, I've been cozying up to this fantastic post on Jezebel with a giant glass of red. The commenters have great taste in music, and I've been downloading like a mad woman, inspired by the videos they've posted.

Celebrate with me! Share some amazing music.

Here are my selections:

Squeeze -- "Tempted" (the greatest song EVER. It won't embed, sadly.)
Jamiroquai -- "Virtual Insanity" (much better than "Canned Heat", IMO. Another disabled embed-video.)


(I can't explain why I love this song with passion that burns like the clap. I just do.)
(Also: a great video or THE GREATEST VIDEO?)

What gets your booty groovin'?


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