Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Blogger

Dear No One in Particular,

I know, I'm a bad blogger. I'm sorry for disappearing, but I'm dealing with a ton and a half of stressful mess right now and it doesn't look like it's going to let up soon.
I graduate on Saturday (!!!! Oh God, I need a paper bag to breathe into) but have two humongous finals to deal with before I get to don my green cap and gown* and parade about in front of a thousand of my classmates and all of their friends and families. On top of that, my parents (and the Boy's parents, natch) are coming over not only to watch the ceremony, but to "help" us pack up our apartment. We're tenatively slated to leave Hawaii (and ne'er to return ... maybe) by 6 June, which is right around the corner and creeping closer every time I look around our place and see piles of stuff to be sold off and walls to be painted and I can hear the arguments already Oh Christ's Holy Pita Pocket I'M DONE ALREADY.

So yeah, my personal life is a bit of stress-riddled mess right now, allowing for very little blogging time. I have posts all lined up, but no time to finish them. Hopefully I'll catch a break and find a quiet moment to slap something up here, but until then, who knows.

I do have some news that directly affects the wonderful people who read and comment on this drivel! I'm planning a giveaway -- a true giveaway in the sense that there's no contest, just me sending a care package. I'm working out some of the kinks, but it boils down to the fact that my readership is tiny, yet incredibly thoughtful. You have no idea how excited I get when I see someone out there feels so compelled to read and comment on what I've written. So, as a demonstration of my gratitude, I'll send you a little giftbox filled with some of my favourite things from Hawaii.
Details to come soon, I promise!


*Yes, we have to wear green graduation robes. Effing GREEN. What university requires coloured robes? I thought black was de rigueur? Oh, added bonus: throw my honour cords and stoles over the forest-coloured polyester and voila! Amanda-Christmas tree.


Brittney said...

Again, congratulations! And don't feel so guilty, we all have lives. ;)

Where are you going after Hawaii? You should visit Saturday Jane, Ruby Bastille & me (& Daddy Likey, to boot!) here in Oregon!

mighty jo said...

yes, where are you going? where does one go after hawaii?? how exciting...change & whatnot. i guess im in the midst of it too, but mine is bittersweet & im trapped in wisconsin. trapped in wisconsin, the title of my memoirs. good luck & congratulations!!

amanda said...

Thanks, you guys!
I'm moving back to California to live with my parents for a bit while I try to find a job.

@Brittney: I'll be so close, I might have to plan a road trip! I've always wanted to visit Portland; something tells me I'd really like it there.

@mighty jo: Wisconsin seems like a good place, filled with nice people and cheese -- two of my favourite things.

Diana said...

CONGRATS! i hope your boy's mom is not a mother-in-law situation.

haha, at least you are not wearing GOLD (like grandma vegas gold)! i chose to not walk.

yay! i can't wait for your giveaway!


amanda said...

@Diana: Thank you! The Boy's mom can definitely become the dreaded mother-in-law, so I just try to limit time around them.

I'm moving back to the Bay Area, but I've been planning a trip to Disneyland for MONTHS now. If it ends up working out, I will let you know!

Vanessa said...

You must be excited about graduating, no matter how unfortunate the green robes are! Seriously, don't most colleges do black? I am already starting to hyperventilate a little thinking that I'm halfway done with school (not counting that I want to get a Master's, God help my poor soul). If you find that paper bag, do share.

Anyway, everything sounds exciting, what with moving out and such. Don't worry about being busy-- like Brittney said, we all have lives. You probably wouldn't be very exciting if you just sat around and blogged all day, every day. I know I wouldn't be.