Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Captain's Log

Dear No One in Particular,

A short break from my Kauai vacay to update in bullet form. In the past 3 days, we have:

  • Visited the emergency room once.
  • Driven around the island twice.
  • Eaten some amazing meals, including taro hummus (!) sandwiches and Brazilian food.
  • Gotten really, really drunk.
  • Gotten really, really drunk within 10 feet of Pierce Brosnan.
  • Been woken up by roosters crowing.
  • Met two young siblings named Phoenix and Dayton (yes, really.)
  • Hiked 1/2 a mile of sandy beach at midday.
  • and I have gotten 2nd degree burns on my feet.
Not exactly the relaxing beach vacation I had in mind, but it's only our 3rd day here. Then again, it's only our 3rd day here, holy God why do these things happen to us.

Tomorrow: a short trip to a lovely nearby beach, a farmer's market (and hopefully liliko'i), shave ice, and a sunset dinner with drinks. And if we see Pierce again, all the better.


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