Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rain rain, go away ... NOW.

Dear No One in Particular,

It's freaking raining. Not like a nice Oahu air-conditioning drizzle. No, it's pouring. There are puddles in the yard that look like kiddie-pools.

This sucks. So much for hitting up the pool.

Here's hoping it clears up.


P.S. I almost forgot: there was this hella scary accident/chase in town this morning. Apparently, the driver of a pickup truck was so overcome by road rage that he drove backwards along the freeway, chased another car and rammed it off the road. The truck-driver may or may not have chased the car-driver on foot. Honestly, I didn't see it; I was stupid enough to sit with my back to the road. Luckily, a tourist caught it on tape and told us the story. Totes watching the news tonight.

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