Monday, July 7, 2008

Here I Am Lord.....

Dear No One in Particular,

If the slightly cryptic Tweets are any indication, I'm home! Back in the Bay, and so glad to be here. This being said, I'll probably have too much time on my hands, so that means more blog posts! I know you, my invisible audience, is all a-twitter with excitement, but really? I'm so ready to flex my creative writing muscles, and Lord knows I have far too much pent-up aggression. Also, I just finished another rather great book by Jen Lancaster, so you could say that I'm inspired. (For the record, her books aren't immediately heart-warming, particularly the first. You really need time to fall in love with her, since it takes quite a bit of effort to get past all the narcissistic posturing and conjure sympathy for her by the time she hits bottom. The second book really capitalises on the relationship you, the reader, has already established with her not as an author, but as a human being. Her writing, for the record? Hi-larious. I love the snarky footnotes, mostly because that's how my mind works: constantly jetting off on slightly related tangents.)

Ok, now that I've gotten my incredibly parenthetical book review out of the way, I need to change out of my pajammers and go to Target! I'm more excited about running errands than I should be, but hey. Spending 5 months approximately 3,000 miles away from Target tends to make one antsy.


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