Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Dear No One in Particular,

A few weeks ago, I cited the incredible Rosie Swale-Pope as one of my personal heroes. While I still wish I had her gumption, I am totally in love with Doris Lessing, the curmudgeonly octogenarian Nobel Laureate. Her initial reaction upon receiving her Nobel Prize for Literature was "Oh Christ." When questioned about it further, she commented that "If I may be catty, Sweden doesn't have anything else. There's not a great literary tradition, so they make the most of the Nobel." LOVE.

I can see why Lessing might turn a lot of people off. However, I see her as an elderly woman who simply doesn't want to deal with all of the attention being showered upon her. Mad props, Lessing, for having the moxie to tell it like it is. Far too many people worry about pleasing others, or sounding proper. In my opinion, Lessing cares not a whit about being labeled a "bitch" -- I think she might actually delight in such a label, and then flip off whoever was foolish enough to call her that.

At any rate, I am definitely picking up her award-winning Alfred and Emily as soon as it becomes available in the U.S. It doesn't hit American shores until early August, so I'll have to do some research and pick up another of her books in the meantime. Any suggestions?


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