Monday, March 9, 2009


Dear No One in Particular,

Am I the only one who thinks hamentaschen look vaguely yonic?

That? Is not a man's hat.



Not the only one! Here's a blog that discusses the ridiculousness of tri-cornered hats in ancient Shushan and how the characteristic "hidden" filling of the hamentash mirror the theme of hiding in Esther's story. Another blog links to a Jewish feminist take on the Georgia O'Keefe of cookies.

Also: apparently, if you google the phrase "yonic hamentaschen" this blog appears in the oh-so-covetable 5th position. Needless to say, this will amuse me for DAYS.


Diana said...

ahahah! food porn for my monday morning.

amanda said...

So many puns/double entendres, so little time.