Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Polling the World

Dear No One in Particular,

I'm graduating from university in May and I realised that, while sprucing up my resume and ordering my cap and gown, I forgot to order calling cards. Since I am a very high-strung little lap dog with an overactive imagination, I freaked. What if, while I'm schmoozing at a party, I meet the curator for the SFMOMA? I frantically pondered. Or better yet, what if I'm magically introduced to someone who has all the right connections to the Smithsonian, and is willing to pull some strings for me, but only if I am able to provide my contact information on a snazzy 2" x 3.5" card? WHAT IF.
How could I possibly let such a not-at-all-fantastic opportunity slide by?

Luckily, I spent my entire day sifting through old magazines, and RealSimple (a highly underrated magazine) presented a winsome answer to my problem: iomoi.com

Now, I am a total novice at this whole calling card business. My only reference point (apart from seeing my parents exchange them with business associates) comes from the Boy's father, who had some printed for the Boy for $20. They looked like they fell off the back of a truck after having been designed by a blind man who learned English only recently as a 4th language. So I have no idea if iomoi's prices are good, I only know they have some pretty products. Please, please let me know if you know of equally stylish, hip -- and above all -- cheap calling cards.

After spending approximately an hour scrolling, hemming and hawing, and after consulting the Boy, my lawyer, and my housekeeper, I still can't make a decision.
So now I turn to you, with open arms, asking for advice. Which one do you like?

Option A:
Option B:
Option C:
Or Option D, something completely different!

I'm obviously looking for something eye-catching and memorable. In my world, this translates to bright colours and/or quirky design. I like the symmetry of Option B, but the pattern of Option A; I'm totally in love with the dapper seahorse of Option C, but is it professional enough? Or does it look like a child's toy?

So, help a girl out and leave suggestions in the comments? I'd appreciate it a million times over.



Diana said...

I like A.
I subscribe to the Smithsonian and my dream job is to be a curator for a kick ass museum like the SFMOMA.

Option C also has the aura of elite written all over it. A seahorse with one eye glass thingy and a cane. It probably has a mirror attached to it, that dirty seahorse.

Anonymous said...

I think B is my favorite. It's a little more fanciful than A but still says 'BIZNESS'. :)

lemon love said...

I'm gonna have to second Dearest Saturday Jane and say B. It says "BIZNESS" but it also says "CLASS", which I think is always important!

Lesley Denford said...

I like B, because it's colourful and artistic, but I like C because of the quirky handwriting font and whimsical seahorse. I guess the question is, do you want to be seen as tidy and artisic, or whimsical and quirky? Tough call, both are good options! :)

amanda said...

Hmm, it seems Option B is the front runner!

@Diana: your critique of the seahorse made me laugh so hard! An elitist pervy seahorse!

@Lesley: therein lies my problem. I like the quirk of the seahorse, but the balance of B.

The interwebs will decide! Thanks, ladies!

The Clothes Horse said...

Hmm...I think I like Option A best. The dapper seahorse is adorable, but I would worry about being taken seriously.

Diana said...

I just awarded you :)