Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feed me, Bubbe

Oh, and I forgot to mention:

The Boy's birthday is tomorrow, which makes the 24th an interesting day for the two of us. We decided to keep the birthday festivities going by heading to Bubbies aka THE Best Ice Cream Parlour Ever. It doesn't have the sophistication of, say, Fentons, but it far surpasses it in terms of flavour. I'm sure that many of my fellow Bay Areans* would be up in arms if they heard me say that there's a creamery better than the beloved Fentons, but Bubbies wins hands down. They serve mochi ice cream and orgasmic ice cream cakes which is what we usually get, but their fudge is AMAZING. Again, better than Fentons, in my opinion.

Anyway, to celebrate our birthdays we got the most novelty ice cream confection we could: the bathtub sundae. It's essentially a small sundae (1 generous scoop of ice cream, fudge, nuts/sprinkles, whipped cream, and a gummy bear in place of a gross plastic maraschino cherry) in a small ceramic bathtub. They also serve up a toilet version, which the Boy thinks is hilarious, but I find disturbing. I took a few pictures of the bathtub; they'll be up soon.

It was a nice way to round out my birthday and gear up for the Boy's. Plus, we now have a bathtub dish to commemorate our 22nd year.


*how would one refer to people from the Bay Area? I'm genuinely curious.

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