Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oscar Mayer Wiener. Lover.

Dear No One in Particular,

Odd, tangential, "why do I want to know this?!" news of today: one of my professors outed another faculty member. Thinking about it now, I vaguely remember hearing something about the newly-outed professor being gay, but nothing so concrete as it coming from another teacher.
For the record, it's not like this news changes my opinions of the professor. I still think he's a self-congratulating douche, only now he's a self-congratulating douche who happens to teach a very interesting class.

In the same vein, I ran into an old friend of mine today, and he outed another of my classmates. Not that I care, since the classmate is not someone I normally associate with, but it's strange information to hold nonetheless.

Why do people assume I want to know these things? Oh that's right: because I usually do.


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