Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snow Day!

Dear No One in Particular,

I grew up in California, so I never got to experience a real snow day. Apparently, the one day that it actually snowed in the Bay Area, I was home sick. There were a few inches of snow that stuck in the Berkeley Hills -- my high school wasn't far down the hillside -- and I would have loved to see snow clinging to the streets of the City.

At any rate, I got an email this morning saying that my afternoon class is canceled and my morning class is a wash, since we're watching a terrible movie. The Boy and I decided we would have a snow day!

Normally, we would run errands, but we don't have any; I would love to go to the beach, but the weather is terrible. Grey clouds, cold-ish, and it looks like it's threatening to rain.
Hopefully, my friend will call, and we'll go out to lunch and have a nice lazy day.


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